Vision, mission and objectives


The ICIOA seeks to be one of the voices in Africa to tackle the myriads of problems we face as Africans. The ICIOA aims to be an organization that seeks to engage African Governments down to the leaders in the Communities to use intellectual Capital to transform their communities into knowledge based systems.


The ICIOA seeks to improve the lives of Africans through the use of their vast knowledge resources. These resources can be effectively utilized because they are indigenous. We also work with people with diverse belief systems. These include Moslims, Christians and traditionalists. This organization aims to meet the knowledge deficit in order to bridge the gap between Africa and the western world, whiles prioritizing areas such as technology, agriculture etc.  The ICIOA will also be involved in Public Private Partnerships.

The ICIOA provides Intellectual capital training, resources, information for knowledge Management systems for the poor and how to use KM and Intellectual Capital as a means of Social Justice.  

To enable us to fulfill our mission we want to inculcate the following sustainable development goals:

  • Goal 1: No poverty
  • Goal 2: Zero hunger
  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 5: Gender equality
  • Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 10: Supporting the marginalized and disadvantaged
  • Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

In addition, we would like to include the United Nations declaration for the rights of indigenous people. This declaration is the most comprehensive international instrument on the rights of indigenous people.


The ICIOA believes that Africans can harness their knowledge as a foundation for development. Most of the time, western methods of development do not seem to be successful in Africa because it’s not a part of their life’s experience and culture. Thus, an effective approach in to improving the lives of the people is integrating western education into their traditional knowledge.

Endowment and Foundations

The ICIOA has included financing development projects of governments as part of our services. Having observed that most developing nations are unable to achieve their objectives due to their inadequate financial resources. In order to achieve this, the ICIOA wishes to create an endowment fund that will take care of the infrastructural programs from the grassroots of impoverished communities in areas of education, jobs and health. Also, to help finance research in African universities.


  • Promoting the study, acceptance of knowledge Management in Africa by using strategies of research, training and sharing in local communities.
  • Strengthening the involvement of leaders especially traditional rulers, individuals and civil society in particular in all programs of the institute.
  • Assist in the effective networking with organizations in Africa and worldwide in order to learn how to solve Africa’s problems e.g. we can learn from Asia on development in ICT and appropriate technology.
  • To create a platform where Africans in the diaspora can contribute their knowledge to help in the development of the continent through their knowledge and resources.
  • To advocate that regional organizations like the African Union, SADC, COMESA, ECOWAS use knowledge management as a tool of sustainable development on the continent.
  • Procuring, developing and using indigenous knowledge to solve common problems.
  • Knowledge Sharing for Community development, through the use of community centers where information designed to target vital areas, like poverty and health could be addressed.
  • Intellectual Property Rights of indigenous communities could be addressed.

In order to achieve our mission, the institute will develop and run programs in the following areas:

… [to be completed] …