The Intellectual Capital Institute of Africa (ICIOA)

The Intellectual Capital Institute of Africa (ICIOA) was founded in 2008. The ICIOA is registered under the National Council for Voluntary Organizations of Scotland/Ghana. The Intellectual Capital institute of Africa is an innovative and progressive independent non-profit organization aimed at utilizing human and intellectual capital to solve problems on the continent. Currently, the ICIOA continues through various programs to provide training resources, information and support to community agencies and government departments in African countries.

Although the ICIOA is a non-partisan NGO, it focuses on assisting African countries. The ICIOA hopes to extend its work beyond the borders of the African content to the diaspora as well as people of African descent scattered across the nations, Since the same socio-economic problems cut across the continent. We are involved in research about various social and scientific issues. Through an interdisciplinary scope we will integrate the sciences, humanities and other fields in order to use intellectual capital as a tool to build a comprehensive solution for the problems faced by Africans.

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