International Advisory Board

Gaston Meskens – Philosopher & Climate Activist (Belgium)

Gaston is a philosophical activist and artist with master degrees in theoretical physics and nuclear physics. His art and philosophical work dwell around the question of how-to better deal with uncertainty and complexity in a world still struggling with the cramps of modernity. He has a PhD in moral philosophy at the Centre for Ethics and Value Inquiry (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, University of Ghent, Belgium). He is a researcher at the Centre for Ethics and Value Inquiry (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, University of Ghent, Belgium) (part-time) / project website

He is also a researcher and lecturer on ethics, science & technology with the Science & Technology Studies group of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (part-time)

Karmen Jelicic – CEO at Croatian Intellectual Capital Centre (Croatia)

Karmen Jelcic is the Executive Director of Zentar za intelektualini Kapital (Intellectial Capital Institute of Croatia). This centre in cooperation with the ministry of economy and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has started nationwide program of increasing efficiency of National, Intellectual capital. Over fifty companies as well as local administration of communities take part in the program. She authored a book on intellectual capital Handbook of IC Management in companies. Also, she recently worked on a project on the “Development of Entrepreneurship through Intellectual Capital”

Prosper Yaw Dumenu (Ghana)

Prosper holds a bachelor’s degree in Math and physics from the university of Ghana and a master’s degree in wood technology and industrial management at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He also holds as part of his graduate level qualifications macromolecular chemistry and chemical engineering from the university of science and medicine, Grenoble France as well as a PhD in national engineering in the national polytechnic institute, France. He has several year’s experience in environmental management impact assessment and forestry consulting. He worked with the forest product research institutes of the research institute as a research officer. And finally worked with the tropical mining and exploration company as an environmental impact assessment consultant

Honore Aziadekey – Economic Consultant (Togo)

Honoree Aziadekey is an economic consultant whose main interest is the economic development of Africa especially his country Togo. He has previously done some work with the European Union. He is also a researcher in economic issues and has experience in economic policies affecting developing nations.                                                     

Tapiwa Chengeta – Founder of Zimbabwe Empowerment for Development (Zimbabwe)

Tapiwa Chengeta is the founder and executive director of Zimbabwe Empowerment for Development. He holds degrees in sports science and coaching and is currently pursuing a Masters in Science degree in sustainable development. He is an advocate of environmental preservation. He has travelled widely around Africa as a conservationist and has extensive experience on tree care and tree growing

Idowu Olawuye – Head of the materials Research and Development council (Nigeria)

Idowu Olawuye is a Scientist and head of the Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) in Kwara state, Nigeria. The RMRDC is an agency of the Federal government of Nigeria vested with the mandate to promote the development and utilization of Nigeria’s industrial raw materials. He is very interested in the development and use of indigenous technology for the development of the African Continent.

Eleblu John Saviour Yaw – Plant biologist, lecturer and researcher (Ghana)

Eleblu John savior Yaw is a Plant Biologist, Lecturer and Researcher with interest in crop improvement and biotechnologies for the development of Ghana and Sub Saharan Africa at the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI), College of Basic and Applied Sciences, University of Ghana (UG). He is a Lecturer and Researcher at the biotechnology Centre, University of Ghana where he teaches the following areas: Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Genomics/Molecular Marker Analysis and other related subjects. Also, he is works as a research supervisor and academic Advisor at WACCI.

Margaret Ninsin – ICIOA President

holds a master’s degree in Legal Studies, a special executive masters in International Business Law and a PhD in Legal Studies. She currently holds the position of General Counsel at OLMEC, an international organization represented in Europe, America and Africa that seeks to raise funds for development projects in Africa. She also works as Chief Executive Officer of MNISSI Law Consult, a legal firm based in Accra, Ghana, where she specializes in arbitration and legal research. Margaret is an advocate working on Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous knowledge, especially in African tropical medicines. She is the founder and president of the Intellectual Capital Institute of Africa, an organization that works in several areas of research and development but most importantly in the area of advocacy for the protection of indigenous knowledge.