Projects – Highlights of Traditional Knowledge

Culture, which falls under traditional knowledge has been helpful over the years in providing moral quidance to the society. An example of a widely practiced cultural practice is known as puberty rites: a ceremony in which young girls are ushered into their next phase of growth and development after being taken through rigorous traditional education on womanhood as well as encouraged to abstain from premarital relationships.

The picture below depicts Ghanaian girls going through DIPO rites

Chieftaincy: This is a very formidable institution through which the inhabitants of a given locality are ruled. It consists of structures put in place to maintain law and order in the community. These duties sometimes take the form of resolving disputes, social services and traditional worship. This institution is highly revered in the society and this is displayed by the elaborate ceremonies which contain an elements of both tradition and spirituality as chiefs are often seen as the custodians of culture and links between the ancestors. It is therefore part of the cultural framework and presents a means by which the culture of the people is preserved.