Paper – The Need For an Environmental Tribunal in The Protection Of Ghana’s Ecosystem

Ghana like most tropical countries is very rich in biodiversity. However gradually due to forest fires, especially illegal mining activities and other negative practices, the environment is been degraded at a fast rate in a way unimaginable and the forests and other water bodies are been destroyed. This situation is causing a lot of problems for the communities like health hazards. In some cases, farmers can no longer farm for their livelihoods and even have safe drinking water.

There are laws but the problem is those breaking them are doing so with impunity because the institutions who are to make sure that the regulations are followed for some reasons of Logistics etc. are not able to enforce them.

The Law courts which handle such infringements are just ordinary courts that handle normal cases. This courts most of the time are overwhelmed with numerous other cases. As a result, environmental matters are not given the attention that they should. I am proposing in this paper that a separate tribunal should be set up to handle such matters promptly and effectively.

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